December 30, 2016

I am teaming up with it™ bed by Sleep Number to share stress-free sleep for couples.

IT Bed by Sleep Number

IT Bed by Sleep Number

IT Bed by Sleep Number

IT Bed by Sleep Number

IT Bed by Sleep Number

*Photos by Faith @ShutterSmokeProductions

My husband and I rarely ever fight and when we do it is over one of three things.

1.  Spending time with the other’s side of the family.  Timesharing is tough!

2.  My American Express bill— hey I am a spender bee and he is a saver bee.  He really is obsessed with saving; yesterday he dropped a penny and I spent 10 minutes watching him try to move a store display to retrieve it while I mentally sang Let It Go!  I, on the other hand, am ok living in a box surrounded by shoes.

3. Matresses.  He likes a fluffy, squishy, sink-in-to-it- mattress and I like a brick.  KP and I recently redid our bedroom and the biggest fight came over the mattress! We tried over a dozen mattresses and even bought then returned four.  AND, I am happy to announce we found a winner!  I posted on the blog and Insta last week about our new mattress but now that we have had it for a week I wanted to let everyone know we are keeping it and even Louis approves of it!

The it™ bed by Sleep Number is officially our new bed.  KP is excited that he doesn’t have to give up his day off to drive me to every mattress store in town while I ask a million questions and force him to get on the bed.  Louis is happy that the slim low profile of the mattress means he makes it up on the bed on the first jump.  I love the customization features and the SleepIQ® app.  

it™ bed by Sleep Number allows both KP and me to control the firmness of our bed and then gives us a report each morning on how well we slept the night before.  The report uses SleepIQ® technology and includes our heart rate per minute and breath rate per minute so we know if we are getting a good sleep or just an okay one.  Plus, the  SleepIQ® app gives us a daily sleep tip to better sleep. The SleepIQ® app syncs with both my Fitbit and Apple Health watch app so I can have it all in one place.  I like this better than wearing a trackable device because for whatever reason the bracelet would make my hand go numb at night and that woke me up!

They have designed and crafted a mattress that helps couples sleep better at night and it’s simple to use.  it™ bed by Sleep Number ships for free and the mattress is delivered right to your door, compressed in a box that’s about the size of a mini-fridge. When I first saw the box I didn’t believe there was a mattress in there!  We love it so much we sent one to my brother and his wife as a housewarming gift.

 Want more information? Check out the it™ bed by Sleep Number website!

Thank you to it™ bed by Sleep Number for partnering with me on this post.