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October 13, 2016

What's In My Travel Bag... Sweetspot Labs, MaskerAide...







Sweetspot Labs  // CBD for Life  // Sulwhasoo // Jo Malone Body Cream // Earth Tu Face Balm // MaskerAide All Eyes On Me // Terry Baume de Rose // Peppermint Oil // English Blend Tea

When I travel I like to keep a few of my favorite beauty products on hand in case of emergencies.  My skin is dry and the dryer it gets the more likely I am to break out.  So I keep a handful of my favorite hydrating products in my travel bag.  Airport bathrooms are not usually stocked with good for the skin products. This Jo Malone Body Cream, Earth Tu Face Balm, and Sweetspot Labs wipes are must haves to keep my skin and girly parts from boycotting my travels.  These Sweetspot wipes come in a body wash and it smells like a garden.  I am obsessed with it.  Jo Malone is one of my favorite perfumes… around this time they give out these perfect for travel GWP body creams.  Even the roughest of soaps don’t stand a chance against this rich body cream.

I get a bit of anxiety when I travel, this CBD for Life anxiety spray is like yoga in a bottle when I fly.  A few sprays under the tongue and a few deep breaths help me feel better.  I also rub a bit of peppermint oil on my neck and use these MaskerAide All Eyes on Me patches to help me relax.  Carrying your own tea ensures you always have your favorite flavor.

For quick a touchup, right before touchdown, I keep this Sulwhasoo cushion foundation and Terry Baume de Rose with me.  They are both super easy to use, look natural, and ensure you step off the plane looking rested.

What is your favorite product when you travel?

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