5 Steps to Keeping Skin Care Simple

Keys To Keeping Skin Care Simple

I get asked every day, ” How can I make my skin care system easier?” so here are my 5 tips:

1.  Find a great cleanser and buy two of them.  A great cleanser makes all the difference.  It is the primary step and will affect everything else you apply to your skin.  The wrong cleanser can over-strip and dry out your skin (that tight, squeaky feeling)  or not fully remove all of the impurities, leaving your skin feeling unclean.  I say get two because you want to leave one in your shower and one by your sink.  Leave the skin one for your nighttime deep cleanse.  During this step, you will be removing all of the days’ dirt and makeup so really work the cleanser into your skin for a good 2 minutes to ensure a full clean.  The second bottle you will leave in the shower for your quick morning cleanse.  You don’t have to work as hard for this cleanse because your skin should be relatively clean from the night before.  You are cleansing more as a prepping step before all of your other morning products.

2.  Apply the right amount… Most people use too much of a product.  This will then take longer to settle in and some times begin to roll off the skin.  A good rule of thumb is a nickel size amount for cleansers. A pea size amount for serums and a dime size amount for creams.  Work the products in your fingertips, warming them up and then apply fully to the face for an even application.  Don’t dab (except eye cream)!  Allow every step to fully absorb in between layers.  Apply your first serum and then brush your teeth or hair to allow it to fully absorb.  Then move on to the next.  This saves you time and money, by not wasting product!

3.  A good SPF can double as a makeup primer.  If you apply your foundation directly after your SPF step it will settle on the skin in a nice even layer.  This gives you one less step to do and one less product to buy.  A lot of SPFs on the market today come in hydrating and mattifying, pick the right one for your skin.

4.  Keep your scrub in the shower!  I work my scrub while I am waiting for my conditioner to set in.  It saves time and water.  And it is way easier to clean up after in the shower than the vanity.

5.  Know your system!  The most common comment I receive from clients is that they just don’t remember what order their products go, causing them frustration and time.  So a simple solution is to write numbers on the bottle for the order in which they are applied.  1,2,3,4,5… or write the products in order on a post-it and stick it to your mirror until you have it memorized.  This will save you time and wasted products.


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