A Simple Skincare Routine For Sensitive Skin

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One of my first jobs was at a small local spa that carried Sonya Dakar. I was introduced to the brand and brand founder because of that job and became a brand educator for a brief time. All these years later I’m still a huge fan and recommend it often to clients. The brand is limited ingredients, is super effective, and is completely customizable for each client’s needs and goals.

Sonya Dakar Sensi Wash

One of the best milk washes for clients with sensitive or reactive skin. This gentle cream cleanser will remove dirt and oil without stripping the skin. I love it as a second cleanse and morning cleanse to refresh the skin. It is also great for post-peels and procedures and for dry or combo-dry skin types.

The following content may contain affiliate links. When you click and shop the links, we receive a commission.

The Flash Facial A Gentle Exfoliating Peel

This Flash Facial peel helps remove dead skin in a super gentle way. Lactic Acid helps gently remove dead skin buildup while glycerin protects the skin and plumps by attracting hydration. The best part about this product is how fast it works. It also has a few different ways to use it. For super reactive and sensitive skin apply a thin layer and leave it on for a minute. Remove with a wet washcloth. For semi-sensitive or dry skin, apply a thin amount and massage it for a minute. You’ll notice it gommage up a bit– almost like pilling. That is your dead skin cells sloughing off! Remove with a wet washcloth. Use the Flash Facial once or twice a week.

The Nano Mask

Use the Nano Mask once or twice a week to help plump the skin, repair the skin barrier, and reduce wrinkles and dry spots. Apply on cleansed face and neck. Leave on for 10–15 minutes and rinse or towel off. For sensitive and reactive skin I recommend using this mask on days you don’t use the Facial Flash. For dry skin try it on the same nights.

Add A Facial Oil

The Sonya Dakar Organic Omega Oil is the first facial oil I ever used and I’m still a huge fan all these years later. A few drops go a long way. I like to do a push/press method right after my final mask. Let it sit on the face for a few minutes before applying eye cream or moisturizer. I usually brush my teeth or do a scalp treatment or brush my hair to pass the time.

Omega 3, 6, and 9 help repair the skin’s barrier while nourishing and calming the skin.

Nano Hydrator

Protect all the work you just did with a hydrating moisturizer. I like that this isn’t super heavy but really nourishes the skin to help calm reactive skin. Sonya Dakar was one of the first to pioneer clean formulas. No parabens and artificial fragrances or toxins are ever in her products. But they still pack a punch and actually do what they claim.

The following content may contain affiliate links. When you click and shop the links, we receive a commission.