A Trip to Euphoria Lounge Salon & Spa | Monterey, CA

After calling 8 different salons I found a place that could take me last minute for a Wash & Blow dry.  I have long Asian hair so not always the easiest to style.  I found Euphoria Lounge Salon & Spa on Yelp and was set up with Cammie.  The receptionist was polite and helpful. 

When I pulled up I was stoked to find a spot right in the front, since there is no parking lot and street parking can be tricky in that neighborhood.  
The salon is cute, obviously new and very well decorated. The color scheme is black and white with a lot of natural and overhead lighting.  Tons of mirrors and a chic vibe.  I tried to take pics but didn’t want to look too obvious.  I like that it was SUPER CLEAN, a big thing for me. 
Cammie was friendly and did a great consultation.  Which I have never had before, just for a blowout.  But I guess that is why the results were so great.  We chatted a bit during the shampoo.   She used Moroccan oil shampoo & Conditioner and did a great scalp massage.  When we returned to her station she began the blowout and I hit up my flash cards for that nights Anat. exam.  She respected my want for quiet, to study and didn’t try to push me into conversation.  Total plus.  The results were fantastic.  She styled my hair exactly like I asked and didn’t use much product.
Overall… Will return again!  Great consultation and super friendly staff.  But again not much retail section… maybe it’s the economy but I like retail and am always disappointed when I don’t find much to choose from.

Thank you for the picture © Studiosnowden | Dreamstime.com

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