A Trip To Marilyn Monroe Spa in Monterey, CA

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The lobby.

The lounge.

My treatment room.  I had the  Marilyn’s Must Have | $150 60 min  Steamy Wonderful™ & Marilyn’s Signature Fassage™

It was wonderful.  The treatment started with a gentle scrub, then a body mask was applied and left to steam inside a body tent.  My head was out so the steam was easy to handle.  It was HOT in there but comfortable for the most part.  The last five minutes were toughest and my heart started to race.  While steaming a masseuse gave one of the best facial massages I have ever experienced.  After, I took a shower to remove the mask while the masseuse cleaned the room.  The treatment finished with a light massage and body cream application.  I was warm/hot all day afterwards and didn’t have much of an appetite after.  I wouldn’t recommend this prior to a night out but more towards an afternoon of lounging.


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