A Trip to Sano Spa…Monterey, CA

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Apr 4, 2011 | A Trip back to Sano Spa

So I decided to have a day of relaxation.  After calling around I found a spot that would take me last minute… and I mean 30 minutes notice.
I rushed down to Sano in Monterey on Casa Munras.  I know this spa from previous visits and working there a bit wayyyy back when it first opened.  But it has really changed in that two year.  Totally different staff, product lines, treatments and vibe.
I was greeted by the front desk staff when I arrived and shown to the locker room.  It is a small spa and the locker room is tiny, but not uncomfortable.  I took a quick shower and changed into a robe.  They don’t have a steam room or sauna so no pre-treatment rituals.  I found a quiet corner and cuddled up to play a little words with friends and listen to my ipod. The place smelled amazing… like lavender and eucalyptus and the music was pleasant and at a nice level.  An attendant came over and offered me a beverage and a cut-sliced apple.  There were several other people there, a few girlfriend events and a few couples.  So the place seemed a little crowded and noisy.  The waiting area is built like a long hallway and voices travel… which can be entertaining when listening to the employees or a pair of friends gossip or annoying when you are trying to zone out.
My first treatment was a detoxifying mud wrap $100/50 min.  The mud was warm but smelled HORRIBLE… seriously I had to breathe out of my mouth it was awful.  The room was freezing and I was looking forward to the wrapping up bit.  After she applied the mud to my whole body I was wrapped in a space blanket and hot packs were placed on my stomach and chest.  Next I was treated to a foot rub… not really a massage.  Overall the best part of this particular treatment.  After about 7-10 minutes I was instructed to put my robe on… over the mud(?) and directed back out and down the hall to the locker room for a shower.  That stuff was tough to get off but the body wash in the shower smelled amazing… like lemongrass.  After the shower I went back to my room and had a honey milk lotion applied and told to wait for my next treatment.
Pro… nice decor, music and body wash and I didn’t have to get up for the massage just wait for the next therapist to arrive
Not so pro… the smell was awful, the room was freezing, the treatment started 10 minutes late and ended 10 minutes early so not even close to a 50 minute treatment,.
Overall… don’t waste money on this treatment.

Next up was an aromatherapy massage $110/ 50 min.  The therapist arrived and introduced himself and asked about areas I would like worked in particular.  Then asked if the room temp. was alright.  After I told him I was cold he turned up the heat and grabbed me a thick comforter and started the treatment.  I loved it!  The blanket helped warm me up and he concentrated on my right shoulder and arm just like I asked.  It was full body from head to toes.  He didn’t use too much oil or scent so I felt great after the treatment.  I probably would have fallen asleep or at least into a deep fog but two staff members were having a large, loud conversation right outside my door…
Pro… asked about my preferences, nice oil, great technique, warm blanket
Not so Pro…  chatty cathys outside the treatment room= no zen for me.
Overall… I would go back for the same treatment and therapist.

After that I had a signature facial. Again I didn’t have to leave the bed.  The massage therapist did ask if I wanted to get up and stretch when I said no, he brought some water and left.  The esthetician arrived seconds later and pipped up the lights(?) not sure why and started the treatment.  She didn’t ask about my skin or if I had any facial goals or talk at all.  So I have no clue what products she used.  But I did take a peek when I got up and saw that it was glo therapeutics.  It was a traditional, basic facial.  Nothing fancy.  I did love the exfoliation mask w/ steam and the neck & shoulder massage was a perfect way to fully banish my shoulder pain.
Pro… great shoulder massage, products were not over scented.
Not so pro… no consult or recommendations???  Missed out on a sale there.
Overall… relaxing.

I finished the afternoon with a nice soak in the tub.  I bought a package so this came with… but I think it should be included with every 50 min treatment. The tub was nice but again the room was HUGE and freezing.  But they did have a robe warmer so getting out was great.  The tub wasn’t filled much and only went up to my belly button so I could only really soak by sitting on the bottom (not the seat but the floor) and scrunching down.  That brought it up to about my underarms.  I sat for awhile and enjoyed it.  The only totally quiet spot in the place.  Next to the massage it was the best part of the day.
Pro… quiet, relaxing, robe warmer
Not so pro… room was cold and tub was awkward to get in and out of and can I get a little more water???

The afternoon was overall a success and I will return (minus the wrap) sometime in the future.


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