A Weekend Away In Las Vegas Post Pandemic Ed.

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July marks my husband and my 15 year wedding anniversary and 20 years together. We don’t usually celebrate things with extravagant gifts but one of our couple friends was celebrating a big anniversary too and planned a Las Vegas trip. They invited us along and we were so excited to have some time out of town! It was Olivia’s first-ever sleepover so I was super worried. It all turned out great.

We stayed at the Cosmopolitan on the strip in a terrace studio suite overlooking the pool. It was a great room. I loved the Japanese soaking tub and luxe living room space–including one of the poshest closets I’ve ever had in a hotel room. I totally messed up and forgot to film a tour! Sorry! We didn’t really spend much time in the room but my impression was it was a chic, sexy room that was perfect for a quick weekend getaway. My only complaints were the room was dark and service was SLOWWWW. It took 2 hours to get towels!

Las Vegas Trip by popular Monterey travel blog, Haute Beauty Blog: image of a square soaking tub next to a window.

The food scene at The Cosmopolitan Hotel was awesome. We hit up Milk Bar and Momofuko first thing off the plane. My husband and I visited the originals in New York a few years ago and loved it. This was a totally different vibe but the food was still amazing! The pork buns were my favorite but my husband loved the shrimp buns. He had a bulgogi cheesesteak and I had the pork ramen. Both were delicious.

For the most part, we spent ALL DAY shopping. It was so much fun. The other couple we went with were game to go in every store with me. I loved seeing all of the new collections– almost every store had a new collection drop while we were there. I didn’t love having to wait in line for all the stores and at one Hermes they wouldn’t let us in without an appointment. My husband was STOKED about that since I already bought a wallet from a Hermes down the strip and was on the hunt for a Garden Party tote in black leather to match.

Las Vegas Trip by popular Monterey travel blog, Haute Beauty Blog: image of a woman wearing brown and black faux fur Fendi slippers.
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Other than Momofuko, my favorite restaurant was Yard Bird. Short ribs are my favorite and theirs did not disappoint! I recommend it with the side of street corn. Sooo good plus the Watermelon Sling was delish and you can’t not get the biscuits.

The last night we checked out the new Resorts World. It was a BLAST–even if I did lose all my money at their casino. Literally came home with $22.16 in my wallet. Craig’s Vegan Boozy Milkshakes were–ok. Hong Kong’s Ah Chun Shandong Dumpling, a Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand from 2013 to 2021, serves traditional Shandong dumplings and hand-pulled noodle dishes made fresh daily. THEY WERE SOOOO GOOD! The pork bao is not to be missed. Overall, Resorts World is huge! So much fun to wander around but man we got lost at least 5 times. The decor is stunning. Think millennial pink and white marble. My dream.

Our last stop was the Cosmopolitan spa. Ok, I am NOT impressed by the many spas I visit– this one was ok on the water rituals but WOWed me in the Hammam room+service. The room was an authentic Moroccan hammam and cost over 3 million dollars to build! I had the RED FLOWER HAMMAM EXPERIENCE it was the BEST spa treatment I’ve ever experienced. I love a hammam treatment and this one made me realize I’ve never had a real one.

Every aspect of the treatment was amazing. The scents were all delicious. The hammam stone was amazing. The way the therapist throws water on your body from a waterfall bath using a bowl was incredible. The scrub, the bubbles, the mitt–it was all incredible. GET. THIS. TREATMENT.


A sensual and fragrant ritual of heat, steam, detoxification, and relaxation. Eleven flower oils and fruit essences are bestowed upon the body, including Red Flower’s Coffee Lemon Blossom Olive Stone Scrub. Each level of this experience releases an intense, redolent scent along with therapeutic healing properties. You begin by lying on the warm stone, and are given time to bask in the heat of the stone surface and the air that surrounds you. Basins of water are then poured over the body, emulating relaxing waves that cleanse the skin. A vigorous scrub is followed by the application of purifying Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay and Cardamom Amber Oil.

Las Vegas Trip by popular Monterey travel blog, Haute Beauty Blog: image of a woman wearing a white robe at the Red Flower Hammam Experience.

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