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About top California blogger, Haute Beauty Guide

I am a wife, esthetician, and California blogger I split my time between Monterey, CA and San Diego where I live with my husband , little girl and two pups.  I passed my state boards in 2005 and opened a skin care studio in 2007.  I started Haute Beauty Guide in 2011 as a way for me to educate my clients on how to take care of their skin in between appointments.  It has now grown into a daily journal of my outfits, life, travel adventures and beauty routines.

I like a blend of high-end and everyday… from designers to skincare to my home design.  I believe my style starts with a few great staple pieces and then build my looks around them.  A great pair of Rag&Bone Jeans and a flawless Saint Laurent bag are a few of my go-to staples.  Capsule wardrobing is my favorite and I have a favorites list— brands and designers that I know always fit both my personality and body.  I like to keep things simple by shopping from my favorites and filling in the blanks with some high-street finds.  

I have a small closet and a short attention span so I clean it out weekly (you can check out the latest to go here, here, herehere and below).

For skincare, I swear by Jan Marini Bioglycolic Cleanser, Age-Intervention Face Cream, Bobbi Brown buffing grains and I add in new finds weekly. 

At heart, I am a California blogger just trying to curate a beautiful life full of adventure, love and laughter.

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