Anti-Aging and an Afternoon Snack With Z Skin System

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z-skin-care-supplements for acne

z-skin-care-supplements for acne


z skin system

I never suffered from acne as a teen and then all of a sudden when I moved out on my own my skin was a flared up mess.  Now I know it is because I ate at drive-thrus and stopped taking my daily vitamins.  As a teen, I lived with my Grandmother; she cooked my breakfast and lunch, and if my Auntie was working late even my dinner and a late-night snack.  Everything we ate was cooked from scratch and sometimes even grown in our backyard.  Honestly, now that I am an adult and faced with the burdens of being grown-up I would pay a billion dollars to go back to my teens!  My Grandmother and Auntie did everything for me (laundry, cooking, my grandma even pre-warmed the shower so I didn’t have to get into the cold water) and I had no clue how easy I had it.  I also didn’t realize all her weird beauty tips were true.  Every morning she insisted I eat a warm breakfast; usually some bacon and fried rice or cabbage and an egg. She also insisted I take a mix of vitamins.

Every morning she insisted I eat a warm breakfast; usually some bacon and fried rice or cabbage and an egg. She also insisted I take a mix of vitamins.  When I broke out she would open a Vitamin E capsule and create a spot treatment for me to put on the blemish.  It was usually gone the next morning.  Every morning she had SPF for me and every evening she hounded me to wash my face and put on moisturizer.  I thought it was all silly.

When I went to beauty college I was already suffering from light acne.  I was living on my own and never cooked.  Literally never.  There was a taco shop down the block and a Burger King for emergencies! I had stopped taking vitamins and my facial routine was sporadic.  It was at beauty school where I learned the importance of vitamins in my skincare routine.

What Is In It?

Zinc helps fight acne. Vitamin C helps with brightness, tone, and sebum control.  Zeaxanthin carotenoid is scarce in the typical daily diet, found in leafy green vegetables, yellow and orange peppers, corn, and eggs. Carotenoids are important to help achieve skin radiance. A carotenoid such as Zeaxanthin has strong antioxidant properties that can help support skin health in all conditions including UV exposure. Zeaxanthin helps to promote the evening of skin tone as it is readily absorbed in the skin, resulting in healthy, radiant skin. Probiotics help keep your stomach happy and your skin reflects that.  There was a great multi-vitamin kit I had in beauty school but the company stopped making it a few years ago.  So when Z Skin System contacted me to try their Clear Skin kit I said YES instantly.

I was intrigued by the blend of the vitamin packs and the ZSS Nutri-Serum.  My new mid-morning ritual is a cup of green tea, the Z Skin System Vitamin pack, and a pinch of dark chocolate.  Then every morning I use one pump of the ZSS Nutri-Serum after washing my face and before my hydrator.  Two weeks in I am happy to report my skin is brighter looking and I have no breakouts!  Z Skin System found in many clients that the kit reduced the appearance of skin redness and blotchiness by up to 70%!  This is a must-have for anyone suffering from breakouts, blotchy skin, and large pores.  I am so happy I discovered it.

Check out the Z Skin System for more info or for kits to help with other skincare needs.  They even have a sampler pack to find the one that is just right for you.  $159 for a 45-day program or $129 for a 30-day program at

* I received this kit as a sample from the company.  I chose to review it honestly with my own experience and opinions.

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