At Home Spa Treatment with Trophy Skin MicrodermMD

At Home Spa Treatment with Trophy Skin MicrodermMD featured by popular California beauty blogger Haute Beauty Guide

At Home Spa Treatment with Trophy Skin MicrodermMD featured by popular California beauty blogger Haute Beauty Guide

At Home Spa Treatment with Trophy Skin MicrodermMD featured by popular California beauty blogger Haute Beauty Guide

At Home Spa Treatment with Trophy Skin MicrodermMD featured by popular California beauty blogger Haute Beauty Guide

One of my first major purchases, when I opened my skincare studio, was a microdermabrasion machine.  I spent an entire year’s earnings on it!  I had to finance it, get a co-signer and then take a lesson on how to use it.  Back then it was a huge commitment for me.  Microdermabrasion was only offered in top spas and I knew that the results were instant, long-term, and impressive on almost all skin types and colors.  My microfacial ended up being my most popular item on the menu next to lash extensions.  Over the years I have purchased a few more machines as technology has improved and even a few at-home spa machines.

When I heard of Trophy Skin and their MicrodermMD machine I knew I wanted to give it a try.  Bringing my giant Microderm machine home was out of the question and I hated going in early or staying late to give myself a treatment.  Plus it is super hard to use on me.  Trophy Skin was great when I reached out to them to review their machine and agreed to send one over for me to try out.  Even after I made it clear that I would send it back if I didn’t find it a quality product.  This wasn’t my first attempt at recreating my favorite spa treatment as an at-home spa treatment and I didn’t want to share a bum product with you guys.

As soon as the MicrodermMD arrived I popped it open.  I was instantly impressed with the packaging and how clean-looking the machine was. It looked like a mini version of my most recently purchased spa machine!  It had tubing and filters making a stronger suction possible PLUS the MicrodermMD comes with a diamond tip for maximum exfoliations.  I prefer the diamond tip to the crystal Microderm machines.  Also included are extra filters, a manual, and an instruction DVD.

After my first use of the MicrodermMD, I was impressed.  The quality was just as good as my spa machine and the results were equal to a spa treatment.  I would recommend this to any of my clients who are looking to stretch out their spa appointments because of a busy schedule or need to save a little money.  After one use my skin was brighter and smoother and my skincare products were absorbed much quicker.

With my specific genetics, I don’t get too many wrinkles.  I know lucky!  I do use a lot of products, get pro treatments and add at-home spa treatments to help keep the wrinkles away.  But, during my pregnancy, my dry skin got even drier!  I developed a dry, dull layer that I just couldn’t shake and it got WORSE after I delivered.  I was shocked after my first use of the MicrodermMD that the dull layer looked a bit better.  It wasn’t a miracle treatment and my skin wasn’t flawless again after one use.  With each week my skin looked better and after week 3 I really saw a big difference in texture and tone.  That radiance my skin had always had was starting to return.  My skin was getting softer again and all the weird dry and bumpy patches were starting to go away.  The quick morning treatment a few times a week was easy to do and gave me the instant results I was looking for.  By week six the dry patches and bumps were gone.

I used the MicrodermMD about 3 times a week.  It was hard with a newborn so some weeks I was lucky to get once a week but I made the commitment to really try to go 3 times a week.  As I learned about Olivia’s sleep schedule it was easier to meet that goal.  Since the treatment only takes about 5-7 minutes it wasn’t too hard to sneak in a treatment a few times a week.  I used the machine in auto mode the first few times but then switched to manual by week 2.  Since Microderm is a treatment I have been performing on others and receiving on myself for years I felt more comfortable creating my own routine.  But, if you are a first-timer the auto mode is brilliant.  The screen guides you through each face section and controls how much suction and timing for each.  Super easy to use.

At-Home Spa Treatment with Trophy Skin MicrodermMD Before and After:

TROPHY SKIN MICRODERMMD BEFORE AND AFTER - At Home Spa Treatment with Trophy Skin MicrodermMD featured by popular California beauty blogger Haute Beauty Guide

A little esthetician tip:  Hold your skin tight with your free hand and start with smaller strokes that way you don’t pull the skin.  Plus, ALWAYS finish with your hands.  It is the number one area clients are coming into my spa for these days.  The hands really tell your age.  If you have never used a Microderm machine the hands are a GREAT way to practice holding the wand, getting familiar with how to use the machine and what the suction feels like.

Overall, the Skin Trophy MicrodermMD is a great investment in my skincare routine.  I feel an at-home spa treatment helps to keep up my in-spa results between appointments.  I like to do a little face mask after so that my fresh skin absorbs even more of the powerful skincare ingredients in my favorite masks.  On days I use the machine I notice my skincare and makeup lasts longer and looks cleaner.  Now I use it almost every night around my brow area to help speed up my microblading fade out and the hyperpigmentation spots on my brow bone I developed during pregnancy.  I turn the suction way down since it is a sensitive area.  After a few weeks, I am starting to see gradual results in both areas!

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This post was sponsored by Trophy Skin.  I received the MicrodermMD to review.  All opinions are my own.

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