Brush Back A Few Years

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Brush Back a Few Years

So I discovered the Clarisonic Skin Brush a few years back and instantly fell in love.  When I contacted the company about possibly carrying it in my own studio I was excited to discover they have a four-speed “Pro” version that they sell exclusively to and thru Salons and Spas (not make-up stores they carry the lower 3 speed plus version).

So I ordered a tester unit and have been in love ever since.  Why?  It just does everything I need it to without me having to do much.  It times my facial cleanse perfectly.  Think of it as a cleansing brush/exfoliate/massage all in a minute.  Leaving the skin more refreshed, clean, softer, and firmer-looking.  And with those results… who wouldn’t be willing to spend a minute with this beauty a day?  I have noticed that my serums absorb better and quicker when I use the brush and I get way fewer breakouts… especially those pesky whiteheads.

Clarisonic included a Body Brush Attachment recently with the PRO kit and I have to say I’m a little on the fence.  I like it for elbows, and knees but other than that I just don’t have the patience to buff my whole body 30 seconds at a time.  I prefer some loofah gloved and a yummy body wash.
Thanks to Clarisonic for the picture.

Have you tried the Clarisonic Skin Brush?  Let me know in the comments below.

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