Cabi Traveler Vest w/ Rag and Bone JEAN

March 3, 2016

Del Monte Beach, Monterey, CA

Cabi Traveler Vest & Rag and Bone JEAN





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Vest | Top old- similar here and here | Jeans | Shoes on sale| Bag | Sunglasses soldout similar here

The beach–any beach– is my happy place.  I feel lucky to have grown up in an area full of so many beautiful beaches and even luckier to travel the world to visit so many more.  This is Del Monte Beach in Monterey, CA.  It is a really easy beach to talk a walk on and the views are stunning.  For those who don’t like to walk in the sand, there is a nice boardwalk trail to stroll on and view the waves.  It is one of Louis favorites since the beach is wide and there are always plenty of birds.

This vest is another Cabi piece.  I first saw in on the runway back in January and thought it was not for me.  Surprise again when it was so comfortable and flattering.  I think it really is the perfect cut for any body type. These jeans and shoes have been on the blog a lot.  They are both so comfortable that I naturally grab them.

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Photos by Faith @ ShutterSmokeProductions   She is a super talented and funny photog in Monterey.     Check her out on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Clara says:

    I love this vest. It’s the kind of thing you can add to your wardrobe and wear for years to come.

  2. Jen says:

    LOVE those shoes, first off. Your style looks so put together but also looks really casual I like the vibe.

  3. Jen Becerril says:

    Fantastic outfit.You are rocking them jeans.

  4. tara pittman says:

    That vest is perfect with jeans. It would nice over a sweater too.

  5. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    That is a very cute look! I love your bag.

  6. Elizabeth O. says:

    This is an outfit I could totally wear and pull off. I love it and it suits you well. The vest is a nice touch! It brings more life to the outfit!

  7. I love this vest! It really brings the entire outfit together 🙂

  8. Lexie Lane says:

    Love the photos and your outfit, especially the shoes. It suits on you.

  9. I love the bag. It looks so spiffy and stylish all at the same time. 🙂

  10. You look really cute. I love the shoes.I could never pull that off.

  11. Amy Jones says:

    Love your style those jeans look amazing and the whole outfit looks fantastic!

  12. Those heels just highlight how you can dress a pair of jeans up really well.

  13. bread says:

    I love the beach too. Any beach. That vest is great,

  14. I love the beach!
    I sure hope you kicked off those pretty shoes and had a chance to walk in the sand 🙂

  15. Shaylee says:

    I’m obsessed with those wedges you’re wearing! And I love the utilitarian vest! I need to get an outfit like this ASAP!

  16. Tami says:

    The vest and jeans go great together! I need to go vest shopping for sure!

  17. Love the best! Once I had one similar and use it everywhere!

  18. angie says:

    ready to take on the world and whatever comes your way. Sturdy enough for nature walking and stylish enough to head out for day of shopping
    come see us at

  19. Delaine says:

    Love the vest, very simple and nice outfit

  20. I love your green vest and those wedges are to die for! I love your locations as usual who takes your photos?

  21. K. Lee Banks says:

    OK, I like everything here! The beach included – love going to the ocean! I would definitely wear the vest AND the jeans – and I like the bag, too!

  22. Pamela says:

    I love your outfit. That vest is so versatile. I definitely can see loads of options. I’ll definitely check it out,