California Girl Hair with Playa Hair Care Now Available on Goop

Playa Hair Care reviewed by top CA beauty blogger, Haute Beauty Guide

Playa Hair Care Now Available At Goop

I’ve searched long and hard for new haircare I can share with Olivia. She and I have totally different hair types but I hate clutter. So when Playa reached out to let me know their line dropped at Goop last month I thought I’d give it a try. Gorgeous was my instant impression. Then tried it on Olivia and I’m OBSESSED! Here is why I love it.

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Scent: A soft unassuming scent. It smells fresh, clean kinda coconut but in a SoCal way not in a tropical SPF way. I like that it doesn’t compete with my perfume or lotions. My hair holds scent forever so I am really picky about hair fragrances. This is really nice. When I dropped Olivia off with her grandparents the other day they both commented on how good her hair smelled during hugs. The hair oil is the same fresh scent as the shampoo and mask.

Texture: I find all of the products to be rich. The oil is watery so it doesn’t weigh down my hair. One pipette does Olivia’s and my ends. A little of their products go a long way. The hair mask (my favorite product of the line) is rich, creamy, and really coats the hair for strong hydrating results.

Playa Hair Care reviewed by top CA beauty blogger, Haute Beauty Guide

Healing Hair Mask with Kaolin Clay & Alma Oil

This mask is amazing. Packed full of Kaolin clay and amla oil to help decongest, calm, and balance scalp for fewer flakes, more shine, and amazing softness. I use it daily but for Olivia, I use this mask weekly. I noticed a huge difference for both of us right away. My hair is thick and dry– the mask gave my hair a softer, smoother, and lush look. For Olivia, her hair is dry but thin. Her hair looked AMAZING after this. Super shiny, smooth, and like a glowing halo.



Playa Hair Care reviewed by top CA beauty blogger, Haute Beauty Guide

Every Day Shampoo Coconut Water Sugar Beet Extract

A super nourishing and hydrating shampoo. Aloe vera and capryl glucoside help retain moisture, coconut helps detox, and sugar beet extract helps volumize. I love the texture. Use wet hands to work into a lite lather before working it into the roots of your hair. As usual, I use a scalp scrub before I shampoo so this is my second cleanse. For Olivia, I use a tiny amount and just later it into her whole head. Works amazing on both of us. Her hair is super dry and I noticed a big difference in hydration and moisture on her the first time we used it.

Playa Hair Care reviewed by top CA beauty blogger, Haute Beauty Guide

Ritual Hair Oil with oils of kukui, apricot, and sunflower.

Kukui oils are one of my favorites for moisture. This lightweight, lightly scented oil tames frizz and leaves hair smooth and shiny. Apricot, coconut, and kukui nut oils help moisturize hair, while lycopene helps protect against environmental damage. The scent is gorgeous—a blend of coconut, orange blossom, sandalwood, and Pacific musk. We like to apply it at night followed by a scalp massage and then comb it out. I’ve performed this hair ritual on Olivia each night since she started getting hair. She hates her hair brushed but LOVES her hair ritual. A little really goes a long way here.


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