Fashion Forward Outfit Ideas for Women

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I find as a woman I absolutely love to stay up to date with trending fashion, and that’s what keeps me always put together and feeling cute! Fashion trends never seem to stay still, except for some of the classic pieces that are timeless like leather jackets for women. Many love experimenting with different designs, colors, textures, and combinations of clothes. This is what gives rise to new trends every year, which we all tend to follow to remain in style.

You may have some idea about the current fashion trends being followed by celebrities and supermodels. However, this post aims to make you well-informed about the fashion forward outfits you need to try this year. So, without wasting much time, let’s read up below:       

1. Leather on Leather

This is no surprise that leather clothes are some of the most versatile and timeless, which is why famous models and influencers all around the world are frequently seen wearing leather. Leather jackets come in a myriad of designs, but the most fashion forward style these days is a leather bomber jacket for women. The jacket is a classic silhouette that remains trendy but timeless.

Leather bomber jackets are perfect to wear not just in winters, but also throughout fall days as it is elastic, breathable, and comfortable. While you can choose to wear it unzipped over a graphic tee, it’s trendy now to wear it zipped-up over contrasting leather pants. Leather on leather is the ultimate combo women of every age should experiment with!   

2. Crisp White Shirt with Denim Shorts

You may think to yourself what’s so special about a plain white buttoned shirt? Well, simplicity is the greatest form of sophistication! A crisp white shirt is a classic choice for people who know the value of simplistic fashion fads. When worn over denim shorts and a sturdy ankle-length boot, it is sure to give you a chic look without much effort! 

3. Formal Suit or Casual Blazer

Formal suits are pretty frequently worn these days and are not just limited to business settings. Women can try out their favorite solid-colored suits on date nights, parties, and even on casual lunches. You should opt for currently trending neutral shades for suits, such as beige, brown, white, black, grey, and other pastel colors.

However, if you want to carry a bit of a casual look, go for a blazer with matching straight pants. With this combo, you can experiment with bold and bright colors. Colors like yellow, shocking pink, neon green, red, orange, and other bold colors can really bring an outfit to life.

4. Puff-Sleeved Blouse with Pencil Skirt

Every woman is aware that puff sleeves are a current trend everyone is going crazy over. Puff sleeves offer that alluring vintage yet royal look girls are loving for casual days. It gives you that much-needed oomph for transforming your blouse game! While most people prefer to wear their puff-sleeved blouse over jeans, try it out with a pencil skirt. The silhouette is really cute. Most commonly, leather, twill, denim, and woven fabrics are great for skirts, which also go well with most blouses.

Pro tip:

Make sure the blouse you choose is light in shade as compared to your skirt. For example, a white blouse worn over a camel-tone skirt is a perfect color combination suitable for every evening and daytime.

5. Matching Sets

2022 is the year of matching sets; this trend started way earlier in 2022 and is still going strong. Who would have thought that monotones or matching prints would look so elegant while being the most sustainable choice for clothes? You can choose a t-shirt with trousers of the same print, go for a matching tracksuit, or choose a collared shirt with pants. Either way, you are going to look like someone who knows their way around fashion!    

6. Airy and Flowy Dresses

Floral, stripes, abstract, and geometrical prints are currently incorporated into flowy women’s dresses. This is another trend rooted in history when women loved to wear dresses with fashionable sleeves (bishop, flounce, puff, petal, or sleeveless) and countless flares. 

This is undoubtedly one of the perfect choices for everyday wear, suited for all kinds of occasions, be it weddings, parties, prom, beach-day, shopping, evening lunches, date night, or college days. It looks great with a gathered bodice and a matching belt worn for added shape. Pair it with a beach hat or your favorite tote bag.

7. Long Coats Over Ribbed Vest

Huge long coats are another popular fashion forward trend this year. Trench coats, wrap coats, waterfall coats, and reefers are some of the most preferred choices of fashion divas. Inside your coat, do not make the mistake of wearing loose tops. A tighter-fit item like a ribbed vest is more flattering. It balances your coat, highlighting its style and elegance.

Pro Tip: 

With such a baggy item, you need high-waist jeans, skinny denim, straight-fit pants, or even strong leather pants, whatever you feel most comfortable in. The reason is that the slack of the coat does not go well with equally slack pants.    

8. Oversized Sweaters and Long Shirts

Oversized and baggy clothes are still trending; thanks to our Instagram models who carry them so flawlessly! Oversized sweaters when worn over mom jeans are the best of both worlds, appropriate for both casual and date night looks. 

If you wish to carry an even stronger look, wear your long oversized graphic shirts with knee-length faux leather boots. This is the simplest yet chic option for times when you can’t think of wearing anything specific. Go the extra mile and style it with a baseball cap for an athletic vibe.  


An inclusive guide about current fashion trends makes things easier for everyone. Hope this blog gave you all the fashion forward outfit ideas perfect for women of all shapes and sizes. So try out all of them and let us know which one was your favorite! 

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