FREE Bumo Class With Me

Join me and Olivia for a FREE Bumo class! You know how much I love Bumobrain. I’ve talked about it here and here. The classes have helped me a ton with our speech therapy journey and the last year doing everything from home. BumoBeats was the first class Olivia and I signed up for. It was our favorite for the longest time!

Free BumoBrain Class

I’m so excited that through my ambassadorship with Bumobrain I get to give away these FREE classes to HBG readers. I know how amazing these classes are for working moms especially now when we are stuck at home and totally running out of fun things for our little ones to do! I hope you will join us MARCH 23RD AND MARCH 30TH for this fun music class!

Sign up now!

Plus, today only save 50% off YOUR FIRST MONTH OF LIVE classes with code DORAN50!

Have you tried BumoBrain yet? Let me know in a comment below!