Get Your Sleep On

January 24, 2017

I am teaming up with it™ bed by Sleep Number  to share tips to create healthy sleeping habits in 2017.

It by sleep number

Healthy Sleep Habits with it™ bed by Sleep Number
it by sleep number

it by sleep number

There is nothing I love better than rainy, lazy days in bed.  I would live in bed if I could.  Movies, a bucket of popcorn and a facial mask and I am a happy girl.  Recently, I learned that hanging out in bed isn’t the best for establishing a regular sleep pattern.  So in my effort to sleep more in 2017, I am creating healthier sleep habits.

I have always had trouble sleeping and falling asleep.  Mainly because we had a mattress that just wasn’t comfortable to me.  For a bit we had one I like but KP hated it and so he stayed up and that kept me up!  Who knew how important a mattress could be.  After finding and loving the it™ bed by Sleep Number we both have a comfortable sleep position.  Now I have to confront my bad pre/post-sleep habits.

I shared last week my new pre-sleep routine.  Today, I want to share my post-sleep routine.

With the help of my SleepIQ® app that connects with my it™ bed by Sleep Number I realized I linger in bed too long after waking up.  I made it a goal to get up within 30 minutes of waking so I could be more productive during the day.  Every morning I check my SleepIQ® app first thing to see how I slept.  The thing is the app won’t show me the results until I am fully out of bed so I have to get up and get going to get my results.  This helps with my get up motivation because I love to beat my previous night’s sleep score.  I scored a 100 on Sunday it felt like scoring perfect marks on an exam.

it™ bed by Sleep Number  is life changing for me.  A nice night of rest and early morning has helped me be more productive and happy during my day.  With two full-time jobs that really makes a difference.  I feel clearer minded and more focused over this last month.  I went from around 4 hours of sleep a night to 8!  My skin is clearer and brighter, too.

I started this sleep challenge as a way to help myself feel better during my awake hours.  Sleeping is now something I look forward to and find easy to obtain.  With the help of my SleepIQ® app I can track what is not working for me and what is. The app even syncs with my Apple Watch so all of my health/tracking stats are in one place.  I can see how many steps I took, how effective my workout was that day and how busy my schedule was and then compare it to how well I slept.  This has been eye opening.  I find that when I workout for 45+ minutes I sleep better that night and if I book too many appointment/meetings I sleep worse!  Plus it gives me a daily tip to help improve my sleep.

For example, I now stop drinking water after 7pm.  It helps me fall asleep with one less distraction.  Also, drink a warm cup of lavender herbal tea around 8pm.  I now read for an hour before bed instead of watching TV.  We don’t even turn the TV on at night in the room anymore.  Also, we use soft lamp lighting in the bedroom instead of the overhead light.  And, I purchased the most AMAZING blackout curtains that close an hour after sunset and open a few minutes before sunrise so that we wake up naturally.

Overall, I am happy with the success I have found with my 2017 goal!  I love our new it™ bed by Sleep Number the SleepIQ® app is really helpful to see where I was missing out on sleep.  What about you?  What is your number one tip for falling asleep or getting out of bed?

Thanks to it™ bed by Sleep Number for sponsoring this post.