Haute Beauty Guide Monterey: The Weekly Edit

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hand holding Monterey Poems by Robert Ricardo Reese in fromt of window
Monterey Poems by Robert Ricardo Reese

This week in the Monterey shop we have a few new items I’m really excited about. I love finding local creators and to partner with them. Shop local Monterey is a new project I’m working on and I’m super excited to share it with you all! Use #shoplocalmonterey on Instagram and Twitter to find local creators, shops, and local finds. If you’re a local artist feel free to use it to share your work!

This book of poems by Robert Ricardo Reese wrote this collection as a celebratory recounting of the simple but profound experiences of love.

The Moon Cleansing Gem is a great eco-friendly swap for body wash. Zero waste and zero plastic. A dreamy lathering bar of soap that is great for the body and hair.

Derived from frankincense oil and ho wood oil, this essential oil blend delivers calmness with a subtle, soothing scent. Infused with lavender buds to mimic the Moon’s surface and also to gently exfoliate your skin, this is the blissful part of your skin-cleansing routine. Hand Created by Butter & Me in Colorado. Shop now.

Pop it into one of these awesome sisal body scrubbers and soap savers for added exfoliation! These bags are great for preventing your soap from wasting away in the soap dish.

hand holding Lavender Bundles for sale on white marble table
Lavender Bundles for sale 1

Local, organic lavender from Nustad Family Ranch in Carmel Valley! These bunches are perfect to make arrangements, bouquets, wreathes, or whatever your heart desires! They smell amazing and are super pretty.

Pink and maroon hair clips on white marble table
Pink and maroon hair clips

Back by popular demand! These cute and chic hair clips are perfect for summer to fall styles. Shop now in the Monterey store or online.

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