Haute Idea! The big vision!

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Okay so I am looking to expand my career!  I’m wanting to opening a large day spa that would focus on luxury and health.  Currently I have a small studio that focuses on luxury skincare and adult acne. My ultimate goal is to own a small (7-10 room) retreat inn.  There are not many available spaces here in Monterey (at least not any that fit into my budget) and my husband would never agree to move (totally born/raised Monterey boy) so I had to find a baby step to reach my goal.  What better way than a totally unique day spa.  A place that focuses on health from the inside out.  Workouts, diet (paleo of course!), skincare, meditation and body care.  I am so excited to start on this journey.  I have begun the hard (for me) process of compiling a business plan and complete vision.  Now I am looking for just the right space.  Check back here to see my progress and as always learn the latest in Haute Skin Care!

oooohhh and give me some advice!  What things do you love about your favorite spa?  What are your top 3 business tips?  What is the worst experience you have ever had at a spa? etc…


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