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I’m so in love with Sonya Dakar Bergamont Wash. 

A soft lotion consistency and an amazing smell gives this wash a luxury feel.  With bergamont, chamomile, tangerine and sweet almond this wash smells dreamy.  I recently switched over to it as an alternative to the Cypress Citrus Wash (a little too heavy for the summer) and am in love.  It is light, and gentle enough to use as and eye make-up remover and am/pm face wash.  I haven’t had any breakouts and my skin is softer and more hydrated looking and feeling than usual. It is soothing and purifying two big A+s in my book!
 I really love that it is
• Paraben-free
• Sulfate-free;
• No artificial dyes
• No artificial fragrances
• No petrochemicals
• No animal by-products

For all of you with sensitive, dry skin this is a must have addition to your skin care routine. 

Thank you to http://www.sonyadakar.com/ for the picture. 


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