Haute Right Now… Paleo Track Food Journal

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I just discovered this amazing new tool from a connection I made on Twitter.  @PaleoVillage is an amazing resource for all thing paleo.  They recently tweeted a link to the Paleo Track Food Journal I instantly logged on, set-up an account and started.
I like it because:
1. easy to use
2. so much information in one place.  It tells me the percentage of certain minerals and vitamins I am getting and what I am falling short on. 
3. It congratulates me daily for staying on track. 

What it is missing for me:
A mobile app… in today’s world it is so hard to live without being mobile.  So I just write things down in the notes section of my Iphone and transfer it each night.

Give it a try and tell me what you think!  Paleo Track Food Journal


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