Haute Right Now… Rose Visage

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Haute Right Now… Rose Visage

Ok, So I am a total JMSR junkie but lately I have been looking for a little fun in my Skincare Routine.  Enter Rosee Visage.  Normally I skip toners,  they just seem like a waste.  But I was introduced to this beauty a few months back and fell in LOVE.  I use it a little differently than a traditional toner.  More as a prep step/lazy fix.  I soak two cotton rounds with the rosee and use it to remove ALL, including eyes of my makeup prior to my cleanse.  It works great.  With a nice fresh scent.  And on those nights when I just want to fall into bed.  I use it heavily, remove all of my makeup apply a light moisture and go to sleep.  Definitely not something you want to do nightly but a great quick lazy solution. 

Pro… light scent, not squeaky feeling and an amazing makeup remover
Cons… added expense of cotton.


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