Best Bath & Body Products For A Relaxing Home Spa

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Ritual of Karma Body Cream // Shower Gel // Scrub

As we head back to school, busy days, and stressful news cycles I’m taking time to do a little home spa day.  A simple soak with infused bath oils and body scrub is a great way to unwind from the day.  I have several favorite brands and stores to go-to for the best bath and body products for a relaxing home spa day.  Lately, I’m loving everything Cos Bar carries especially Susanne Kaufmann.  Not only does this bath oil feel and smell luxurious but my skin feels so nourished when I use it.  See below for some of the latest pieces I’ve found and the perfect ways to create a spa from home.  

Home Spa Day Bath and Body Products

An Indulgent Bath Oil

Looking for soft and nourished skin? Grab an indulgent bath oil and pair it with a scrub and finish your treatment with a soft body cream.

Eco-Friendly Hair Towel Turban

Wrap your hair up with an eco-friendly organic cotton hair towel turban or hair drying scrunchie with a hair mask or rich repair treatment.

Cozy Fall Candle

Set the mood by lighting a cozy fall candle like Tahoe Lights by Tule Fog. The scent is a delightful walk through the winter forests of Lake Tahoe!

Updating your Fall Home Decor with Hotel Collection Ultimate Micro Cotton Bath Towel Collection | Home Spa Day by popular Monterey beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a tub with a metal bath tray and filled with white bubbles.

Let me know your favorite items to create a home spa day below and check out more spa from home ideas.

What products do you use for a relaxing home spa day? Let me know in a comment below!