Life Juice 3 Day Cleanse

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Everyone is talking about juicing or juice cleanses.  After a bit of research I decided to take the plunge and go for a 3 day juice cleanse with Life Juice.   LJ claims their product will:
Increased Energy
Mental Clarity
Enhanced Immunity
A Healthy Glow
Elevated Mood
Weight Loss
Restorative Sleep
Fewer Unhealthy Cravings
Healthy Hair and Nails
A Feeling of Lightness

I was super nervous about starting this.  Spending my day hungry didn’t appeal to me; neither did chunky veggie juice.  It wasn’t really bad or hard.

I was able to pick these up at my local Target; they carried the full line.  If your Target doesn’t have it online is also an option.

Here is how it works.  Six juices starting the first at 8am and the last at 9pm; starting a new one every two hours.

First up Himalayan Sea Salt Sole.  Basically salt water and lemon.  Slightly bitter but honestly the easiest one to drink and it was great pre-workout snack.

Second up, Positive Balance,  a blend of freshly juiced spinach,kale, cucumber, celery, carrots, beet,parsley apple and lemon . This is supposed to be alkaline and great to start the detox process.  This step was tough, all I could taste was ginger.  A LOT of ginger but I was able to finish it.  

Next up was the Oh My Greens.  A blend of Spinach, kale, parsley, cucumber, celery, ginger, apple and lemon.  This was the easiest one to drink.  The ginger was still super strong but really not that bad and actually a nice flavor.

My mid day snack was the Bodacious Bunny. Carrot, apple, lemon and yep… ginger.  I probably will never have ginger anything ever again.  This was another rough one because of the ginger and I was only able to drink 3/4 of it on the first day.  This was followed by another Oh My Greens.  

The day ended with Happy Belly.  A mix of purple cabbage, apple, lemon, parsley and GINGER.  I could barely get this down the first day but day two was easy(ier).

Over all the 3 day experience was rough but my skin has never looked better.  While I didn’t feel a burst in energy or weight loss, it was a great experience.  
A few tips:  Drink them on ice!   WATER! WATER! WATER!  Raw almonds are a great chaser when the ginger is too much.  
Want to do a cleanse?  Head over to Life Juice and order it!


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