Lumiere De Vie Skincare- Review

Lumiere De Vie Skincare- Review featured by popular California beauty blogger Haute Beauty Guide

Lumiere De Vie Skincare- Review featured by popular California beauty blogger Haute Beauty Guide

Lumiere De Vie Skin Care

A few weeks before Olivia was born I started trying out new skincare.  These Lumiere De Vie products had been sitting on my vanity for months and I just kept forgetting to try them out. The sheet mask is now one of my favorites and I can’t believe I had it all this time without using it!

My skin has been super dry over the last several months.  This sheet mask lives up to its name of moisture intense.  After just one use my skin was glowing again plus it didn’t feel dry for almost a week.  I was sent the mask, micellar water cleanser, and serum to try out.  Here are my thoughts on Lumiere De Vie.

The Breakdown

The Micellar Water Cleanser— This is like a gel consistency, not what I am used to in a micellar cleanser.  But, I liked it.  The gel was cooling and refreshing on the skin, the scent is pleasant and the feel of the skin after cleansing is nice.  Kind of like a cleansing balm feel.  This is a great pre-cleanse and it removed makeup really well. 

The Serum Concentrate — This was nice but I won’t refill it.  It left my skin plump, hydrated, and fresh feeling… I just didn’t see any obvious results that would make me not want to live without it.

The Moisture Intense Sheet Mask — This was a winner for me.  I LOVED the results, the feel of the mask on, and when it was removed.  My skin was glowing, smoother, softer, and super hydrated.  I used a simple face oil after the serum from the mask was absorbed– no real need for a night cream.

These products were sent to me for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.

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