My New Morning Routine: Celery Juice

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Celery Juice featured by top US beauty blog Haute Beauty Guide

Celery is one of my favorite snacks!  My husband laughs anytime we order wings and I always ask for an extra side of celery.  Something about it is so refreshing.  I grew up believing that if you eat spicy food you should always pair it with “cooling”  food to prevent an upset tummy.  Hot wings + cool celery = the perfect pair.

When I heard everyone talking about celery juice at a recent skincare class I attended I was like—- um I’ll pass.  It did not sound great.  But, always down to try the latest skincare trend I gave it shot when I did the Live Beaming Cleanse.  I have been hooked ever since.  Every morning I start with a celery juice and then I sip a cup of hot water with lemon while I get Olivia’s breakfast ready.  Then I do a quick ginger shot and latte as I leave the house.

Celery Juice: What is the Deal

Celery is thought to help produce more bile in the stomach.  That means better waste and fat elimination.  It is also thought to be anti-inflammatory and contains vitamin K and vitamin C.  Anything that helps promote stomach and gut health will help improve the appearance of the skin.  Plus, added vitamins are always a bonus to help improve skin appearance.  I noticed my skin looked better each week.  I felt better.  My stomach is less bloated and I have had fewer stomach issues since starting.

How I Added Celery Juice to My Morning Routine

I drink a glass every morning on an empty stomach as soon as I wake up.  It is thought that drinking celery juice plain and on an empty stomach delivers the best result.  I started with 8oz and now I do about 12-18oz each morning.

The Recipe

Juice 1 stalk of organic celery and drink straight away.  Lol.  YES, it is that easy!



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