7 Essential Tips For First Time Prolon Fast Mimicking Program + My Review

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The following Prolon Fasting Mimicking content may contain affiliate links. When you click and shop the links, we receive a commission.
7 Essential Tips For First Time Prolon Fasting Mimicking Program featured by top CA lifestyle blogger, Haute Beauty Guide

Prolon Fasting Mimicking Journal

Scroll down for my 7 Tips For a Successful Prolon Fasting Mimicking Experience

Day 1

Making Prolon easier.  The first day wasn’t bad. I started breakfast late–around 1 pm to get in the habit of intermittent fasting.  The soups and the amount of food were great. I never felt hungry this day but I was detoxing from Diet Coke pretty bad by the end of the day. I felt foggy and tired. The kale crackers were my FAVE.

Day 2

I didn’t sleep well last night. I woke sluggish and in a bad mood. The calorie drops from 1150 to 850 on this day and I expected to be super hungry but I wasn’t. I did add a pinch of fresh parsley into my evening soup to give it a bit more flavor and LOVED it. The olives are LIFFFFE! I felt crummy all day still detoxing from DC and just so tired. Not that hungry.

Day 3

Ok. I’m hungry. I slept ok but I’m not as foggy today. I think the worst of the diet coke detox is over. My body hurts today like my organs. My poor liver is probably in shock without all that Diet Coke! But, it took everything not to eat Olivia’s leftover Chipotle guac today. I went to bed at 7 pm.

Day 4

I woke up feeling amazing. Like I could take on a major world problem and win. Like I feel AMAZING. My mind is super clear, I’m not tired or hungry. Feeling great. Lunch: I’m starving. No clue why but I just feel hungry. Maybe I need more water. Went to bed at 8 pm. I’m down 10lbs! So I have to finish strong. So glad for the kale crackers today!!

Day 5

I feel great. I am craving nachos but other than that I feel great. Not really hungry or wanting soda anymore. I woke up down 12lbs total. I ordered another fast to do next month. This was the easiest fast I’ve ever done. I can’t believe I didn’t quit–every other fast I’ve ever done I quit by day 2 or 3. This was amazing.

After The Prolon Fast Mimicking Program

Day 6 (Back To Normal)

I’m officially done with the Prolon program but I’m sticking to the fast bars for breakfast and lunch today. I’m worried my stomach will revolt if I add back in my regular food. We did have Peppers Restaurant for dinner tonight. I couldn’t finish over half my meal and didn’t eat a ton of chips either. Stuck into bubble water instead of soda. I am feeling great! Can’t wait to do another fast.

7 Essential Tips For First Time Prolon Fasting Mimicking Program featured by top CA lifestyle blogger, Haute Beauty Guide

7 Tips For a Successful Prolon Fasting Mimicking Experience

  1. Get a buddy and do it together. I had a few friends that had done it before and they really supported me through moments I wanted to quit.
  2. DRINK WATER! Water is your best friend. I had about 150oz of water daily to help flush out and feel fuller.
  3. Add a little extra to the soups. I added in about 3oz of water extra to the soups and a teaspoon of fresh parsley and black pepper. It made all the soups amazing.
  4. Chew everything to liquid. Something about over-chewing the food made me feel like I was getting more food. I really only suffered from hunger on day 3.
  5. Move! I didn’t work out or do anything big but a nice after-lunch walk and evening walk helped clear my brain.
  6. My main concern was getting rid of so much caffeine and soda in my diet. So I chose NOT to add in coffee or sparkling water this time around. You are allowed 1 cup of coffee and all the sparkling water you want. I’m convinced my results were great because I didn’t.
  7. Go to sleep early. I was tired but didn’t sleep great on the Prolon fast. My biggest issue is I am a late-night snacker so going to bed early helped avoid that. I went to bed early with meditation music to help.

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Let me know if you try the Prolon Fasting Mimicking Program!

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