Not So Haute… @fabfitfun VIP Box

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I love gift box memberships.  I have at least a dozen that are delivered throughout the year.  In the five years I have been a member of them I have NEVER had a bad experience.  Plus with all my years of blogging I haven’t really ever posted a BAD review… a so-so review yes, but never an all out this item sucks.  Well I guess there is a first for everything.  

I was so excited to finally get the new (and my first ever) @fabfitfun VIP box. Sadly it arrived a hot mess.  I noticed a weird smell when I pulled it out of the mail box but didn’t really think about it.  I had just arrived home.  I just got off a plane with a screaming baby behind me, it was early and I was exhausted.  So I rushed into the house to open it it and then take a nap before my classes that afternoon.  The box was a nice quality and thick.  When I opened it I thought, wow, nice packaging.  Nestled in tissue paper and paper shred, it really is like getting a present.   I couldn’t figure out why when I pulled up the paper it wouldn’t budge.  So I ripped through it all and sadly, that is where the WOW aspect ended.  There was a beautiful @sparitual nail polish that broke and got on everything.  Creating a nest of dried nail polish and paper shred. Everything but the face wash and the scarf were ruined.  I was disappointed to say the least.  
The VIP box included, a full sized box of Orville Redenbacher gourmet natural popcorn, a full sized bliss triple oxygen instant energizing cleansing foam, a full sized surface protein cream (this also burst open), a chia apple cinnamon bar, a starlooks eye shadow pallette, a full sized spa ritual nail polish, an exercise dvd and a beautiful gray and pink scarf.   There are some other items in there but they are destroyed by the nail polish and I can’t really tell what they are.  Everything but the scarf and the face wash was ruined and they both smell heavily of nail polish.  Dried, sticky and stinky nail polish was on everything.  The whole mess was stuck together.  The popcorn was actually stuck to the inside of the cardboard box! The gift box looked amazing, the product selection was awesome and I wish I could have tried them.  

I quickly emailed +fabfitfun  to see about a replacement.  When I emailed #fabfitfun about the problem they told me “too bad for you!” $50 for a box of messy, stinky and ruined product, I feel scammed. Their excuse was that they were sold out so they can’t  replace it.  Very disappointing.  I thought at the least they would refund me or offer me the next box complimentary.  Instead they offered me a $20 off coupon for a future purchase, but I am so irritated that I’m not sure if I will purchase the next one.  While the box itself looked amazing and the products were really nice quality, the customer service SUCKED.  Making it hard to sign up for the next box.  It’s hard to continue along with the membership if the first experience was such a bad one.  I feel like the membership probably would have been a good one to invest in but the customer service issue really should be fixed.

Does anyone else feel this is an unfair resolution?  Has this ever happened to you with a gift box club?

***UPDATE*** After several weeks of back and forth #Fabfitfun #FFF offered me a new Winter Box as replacement for the disaster of the fall box.  READ about it HERE!


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