Origins Original Skin Mask & Serum–Review

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At Home Facial Night with Origins Retexturizing Mask w/ Rose Clay and Renewal Serum with Willowherb

Facial Night With Origins

My skin is very unhappy following all of my Holiday binging!  Too much sugar, alcohol and junk food and my skin is on a protest.  Clear happy skin is now my main focus this month.  Here is my plan to get my skin back to shape:

  1. No meat for a week.  This is not for everyone but I know that when I eat really simple my skin is happy.  
  2. Facial night every night!   
  3. Drink lots of water….. I mean like gallons.  
  4. Give my skin an ice bath every night.  

Pretty simple right?!

For my meals today I just ate fresh fruit all day and a cup of homemade vegetable soup.  I will post more details later this week.

So tonight’s facial was really simple.

Cleanse with Jan Marini Bioglycolic Cleanser (use code 093623 for free shipping and 5% off your first order)

Prep with Jan Marini Holiday Scrub— my favorite product ever!!  (use code 093623 for free shipping and 5% off your first order)

Mask with Origins Retexturizing Mask w/ Rose Clay —This mask tingles but is really hydrating.  I like to do a thicker coat than usual because it is clay based.

(I did a facial ice dip here.  Just fill a bowl full of water and ice.  Dip your face in it a few times or 5)

Renewal Serum with Willowherb

Finish with Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream and Tea Balm Eye treatment (not shown)


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