Overnight Facial

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Aveda Wedding Mask

Aveda Wedding Mask

For nights when you just don’t feel like doing much but still want to wake up with glowing and beautiful skin…the overnight facial is for you.

This is the easiest facial ever and you get to sleep through it!

Here is what you need…

A Cleansing Balm like the Elemis or Farmacy

A scrub- My favorite is Tatcha

A serum… for brightening results, for firming results, for hydrating results.

An overnight mask I like the Aveda Wedding Mask and Eye Mask

A Facial Mist

Soothing Essential Oils I like the Aveda Chakra 1 


Start by spraying the Aveda Chakra 1 spray onto the pillow and body.

Take a small about of cleansing balm (the Elemis one smells like a spa so take a few deep inhales to really relax) and apply it to the face and neck.  I like to leave it on for a few minutes so I brush my teeth or comb my hair.  Remove with a warm wet cloth.

Take a nickel size amount of scrub and work into the face and neck.  Remove with a warm wet cloth.

Mist Face.

Apply a small amount of serum to the face and neck and massage in until completely absorbed.

Mist again.

Apply Aveda eye mask with ring fingers.  I like to do a little massage with the application.  These quartz stones are great for this.    Start at the inner eye next to the nose and circle the below the brows around and under the eyes.  Do three passes.  Tap under the eyes starting from the outside corner of the eye and moving towards the nose.  Repeat 3 times.  Circle the eyes again once.  Leave the mask on overnight.

Apply Aveda wedding mask to face and neck.  Leave on overnight.

Mist Face

And then just sleep!

In the morning use a gentle cleanser and continue with your usual AM routine.




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