Over The Top Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Over the Top Valentine's Day Gift Ideas by popular Monterey life and style blog, Haute Beauty Guid: collage image of a gold dipped rose, ruby earrings, Dyson hair dryer, Chante Caille beauty product, pink statement bag, ruby stud earrings, Valentine's Day theme cake, chocolate broken heart, Maison fragrances, and a pink quilted designer bag.

I’m a go big or go home gift giver so I thought I would share some over the top Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

A statement bag never disappoints. Blush and red will always be in style for handbags so I don’t think you can go wrong. Chanel and Hermes will always go up in value since they are limited runs. I had a Birkin years ago that I sold for 3xs what I paid for it– Chanel I usually get double after a few years.

Jewelry is great and I like a good everyday piece for Vday. These ruby studs are stunners.

Since we are stuck in the house, I started having crazy food delivered from GoldBelly. We are having fun “traveling” for dinner. This cake is soooo good and fun for kids. Plus this chocolate broken heart was a smash for Olivia.

Beauty department— this Dyson blow-dry is my favorite Christmas gift from last year and this perfume by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is great for every day and night out. But, my ultimate indulgence is this Chantecaille Rose Cleansing Balm!

What Over The Top Valentine’s Day Gift are you hoping for this Valentine’s Day? See more gift ideas.

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