Easy Week Night Dinner with Plated

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Plated Broccoli Beef Review


Dinner is a big deal in our house.  It has to be a meal that reheats easily, but still tastes great since KP gets home around 10 most nights and I like to eat earlier.  This week’s Plated meal was a winner for us. It was broccoli beef with brown rice!  The meal was simple to make and it is totally one I can recreate without the shipment in the future.

If you haven’t tried Plated I highly recommend it.  For busy couples it is perfect.  No shopping, waiting in line, or starting a recipe only to realize you are missing something.  I feel like over the past two years Plated has been like amateur cooking lessons for me.  Plus for us, there is no waste; this was the selling point for me.  Each portion is meant for two people but we usually have a bit left over for KP to take to work the next day.

Head over to Plated to check out this week’s menu.

Sadly, my beloved Plated went out of business so I currently use Marley Spoon and I have to say they are even better!

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