Easy Week Night Dinner with Plated

September 15, 2016














Plated Broccoli Beef Review


Dinner is a big deal in our house.  It has to be a meal that reheats easily, but still tastes great since KP gets home around 10 most nights and I like to eat earlier.  This week’s Plated meal was a winner for us. It was broccoli beef with brown rice!  The meal was simple to make and it is totally one I can recreate without the shipment in the future.

If you haven’t tried Plated I highly recommend it.  For busy couples it is perfect.  No shopping, waiting in line or starting a recipe only to realize you are missing something.  I feel like over the past two years Plated has been a bit of amateur cooking lessons for me.  Plus for us, there is no waste; this was the selling point for me.  Each portion is meant for two people but we usually have a bit left over for KP to take to work the next day.

Head over to Plated to check out this week’s menu.