Quick and Easy Weekday Dinner

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Quick Weekday Dinner Tomato, Polenta & chicken with Arugala

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I hate cooking on work nights!  This roasted chicken and polenta bowl is one of my go-to weekday dinners.  I always grab a rotisserie chicken when I am at Whole Foods; the lemon and herb one is my favorite.  I make this polenta bowl with the leftovers the following day.

Prepare polenta according to the package.  I usually half the recipe since there are only two of us I am cooking for.

While the polenta cooks prep all the vegetables.  I pull apart the chicken and put it aside.  I prefer to eat it cold but you can alway heat it up.  Wash and dry the tomatoes and arugula, crumble the feta (the one I get comes in a giant brick.)

As the polenta continues to cook I heat up the vegetables.  I prefer them to be more blistered than really cooked.  I add a little butter and garlic to a pan.  Once it starts to foam a bit I add in the tomatoes.  When those start to char I add in the arugula.  Usually, this process takes less than 5 minutes.  Again I don’t like the vegetables to be sauteed.

When the polenta is finished just scoop everything into a bowl and enjoy!


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