Recent Amazon Finds For The Car

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Recent Amazon Finds For The Car
Recent Amazon Finds For The Car

Recent Amazon Finds For The Car

Right before all this rain, I took my car in for a super detail. Trips to the pumpkin patch and park really left it a mess! After it was all clean and pretty I ordered a few things to help keep my car fresh and clean between details. Here is everything I bought from Amazon to keep my car organized.

Seat Gap Fillers– I hate losing things between my car seats and these are awesome at preventing it.

Cup Holder Sheilds– Cupholders are so hard to keep clean but these coasters are so easy to clean up!

Car Trash Bin– This trash bin hangs or sits between my back seat and is so easy to keep clean. I use old Target bags to line it and toss when I’m filling up gas.

Glasses Holder– Keep glasses close and easy to find with this cool magnetic glasses holder.

Car Putty– This putty is awesome to clean vents, cupholders, and hard to get to places. I also use it in the office for my keyboard and old school phone.

Car Wipes– These are great for quick cleanups on the go.

Vent Fresheners– I love these! They keep my car smelling like it just came back from the detail shop. I put them all the way in the back of my car so it isn’t too strong.

Document Holder– My car docs were all over the place. This car wallet keeps my insurance and registration and more all in one place and easy to see.

Portable Charger– This is awesome for emergencies. I have one in the car and one in our camper.