Lavender Bunch 250 stems

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Brand: Nustad Family Ranch

Nustad Family Ranch did it again with these gorgeous lavender bundles.

A dried lavender bouquet that is great for crafting lavender arrangements, lavender wreaths, lavender bouquets, and lavender decorations for weddings and home furnishing.

*English lavender Grade A Wrapped in brown paper and cellophane to protect the scent.

A grade: Super blue and very pungent

B grade: Ranging in color from bright to soft blue/purple, and fainter scent.

Each lavender bundle is hand-crafted from freshly harvested True Grosso Lavender stems (Lavandula × intermedia 'Grosso') and English Lavender Stems ( Lavandula x Angustifolia) that are carefully arranged to dry inside the Main Barn at Nustad Family Ranch.

• 3-4 oz. per bunch dried

• 100% certified organic, farm-direct lavender *

• 2021 harvest

A note from Nustad Family Ranch:

The aroma of each bundle of lavender will last for 7-8 months. Make sure to store outside of direct sunlight for the longest life. All of our lavender is grown 100% certified organic and harvested by our family from our lavender farm in Carmel Valley California. We do not apply any pesticides or chemical fertilizers to our crops. To learn more about our sustainable growing practices please visit our website

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