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Toning Mist

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Brand: Earth Tu Face

Rose + Aloe

WHAT IT IS: A refreshing mist boosted with botanicals that tone tissues, calm redness, and balance the skin’s natural oils. These mists are handmade in small batches at our California apothecary.


Rosewater makes up the base of this mist to aid in maintaining skin's natural pH balance, while gently staving off excess oil. Witch hazel tones tissues and adds natural antibacterial properties. Pure rose absolute essential oil spurs redness relief, while lavender speeds cellular healing and soothes. Aloe replenishes moisture in dry areas and repairs inflamed skin.

How To Use

Shake before using to distribute oils. Spritz facial skin several times and allow 30 seconds for full absorption. Use post-wash before moisturizer to help spread hydration more easily into pores.

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