The Best Baby Travel Gear: 6 Essentials

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Last week Olivia and I packed up the car and headed to Los Angeles for a little work trip and some extra Mommy and Me time.  To say I was nervous is an understatement.  This was Olivia’s first trip and I would be doing it alone.  I knew planning was the key to keeping her on her schedule and, me from getting stressed out.

I started with a list of things I had to get done down on the trip and from there a list of everything Olivia and I would need.  As usual, I overpacked but by the end of the trip, I was able to narrow a list of 6 baby travel gear items that made the trip super easy.

Baby Travel Gear:

  • Dockatot Delux+ Dock– This was my most used item.  In the morning while I was getting ready I would pop it on a bathmat and dock Olivia where I could still watch and interact with her.  At night, she slept in it next to me on the bed.  I brought an extra cover just in case.  A good idea since Olivia decided to host a wet T-shirt contest in her dock.
  • FISHER-PRICE KICK ‘N PLAY MUSICAL BOUNCER – Best. Bouncy chair. Ever.  Olivia loves this thing.  She will sit in it, listen to her playlist and just play.  It was a great tool to have around while I was getting dressed, planning my Uber route to my next event, and for the babysitter to entertain her with.
  •  Silvercross Jet Travel Stroller– I knew I wouldn’t be able to maneuver my big Silvercross Wave stroller, the car seat, a baby bag, and my work bag all in the back of an Uber so I splurged and got myself the new Jet.  Our car seat easily snaps into the Jet with the car seat adaptors, there is space under the stroller where my baby bag fit, and my workbag fit under the car seat.  So I could go hands-free! We even went shopping one day and I easily had space for everything.  Plus it folds up into the size of a tiny suitcase.  The Jet has some weird quirks so I’ll be doing an IGTV video on how to use it soon.
  • Baby Crinkle Paper and some fun toys.  Olivia did amazing on the drive down.  We stopped every hour to change, get out of the car for a few minutes and eat or play.  This worked amazingly well.  Some hours she slept and others she played with her toys.  The toys entertained her with the babysitter and while I was getting ready too.
  • Ergobaby Classic Sleep Bag– I can never figure out hotel air conditioning!  This sleeping bag was great for the car ride down and for sleeping at night.  The bag has an opening in the bag that the seat belt can thread through so she can safely wear it in the car.
  • Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier Cool Air Mesh – Oxford Blue – A few times I carried Olivia in her Ergobaby carrier.  I bring this everywhere I go.  It comes in handy so often.
  • Volkswagen Atlas– I borrowed this from my husband for the trip and it was awesome!  The captain seats fold down in the perfect height for a changing station, the back held EVERYTHING and I way over packed, plus it was so easy to drive.  Olivia loved the panoramic sunroof; it totally kept her entertained.  And. I will never buy a car again that doesn’t have Apple Car Play.  So great!

What is your most-used baby travel gear?

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