Five Moisturizers I Love This Spring

May 2, 2017

Five Moisturizers Perfect for Spring FT. Elemis

Five Moisturizers Perfect for Spring FT. Elemis

Five Moisturizers Perfect for Spring FT. Simone France

Five Moisturizers Perfect for Spring FT. Dr. Roebucks

Five Moisturizers Perfect for Spring FT. Elemis

Five Moisturizers Perfect for Spring FT. Columbia Probiotics Skin Care

Five Moisturizers Perfect for Spring FT. DEJ Face Cream

Every season I change my skincare and makeup routine to match the weather.  As the weather warms up I like to use face creams that are lighter. Here are my five favorites this month.

Columbia Skincare Probiotic Face Cream  (c/0) $165 The texture and scent of this cream are both light which helps put it on my list.  It also makes an awesome retinol alternative for sunny days.  Probiotics help the skin renew itself when applied topically similar to retinol.  I use it day and night; it blends well with my serums.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream $160 This is perfect for when the Spring weather turns stormy and cold.  My skin is dry naturally and the slightest change in the weather messes with it.  The scent is my favorite of all of my face creams.  It is a bit heavier so keep it to nights unless your skin is super dry.

Revision DEJ Face Cream (c/0) $92.50 This is the lightest face cream on the list.  It contains peptides, ceramides, and vitamins that help with anti-aging and smoothing the skin.  I was excited that this cream does not break me out!  Usually, anything labeled anti-aging flares up my breakouts.  If you have sensitive skin this might be too stimulating.

Dr. Roebuck’s Pure Cream (c/o) $42  This is the heaviest face cream on the list and may be a bit much for oilier skin.  The reason I added it because of the ingredient deck.  Every Spring my allergies go crazy and I notice that if I use simple skincare and food I can help keep them in check.  This cream has no scent and no added/unnecessary ingredients making it ideal for sensitive skin.

Simone France Lovely Glow (c/o) $62.50 Simone France has been a staple in my skincare routine for a year now.  I LOVE their face wipes and tone; plus this moisturizer is amazing.  The texture, scent, and results are perfect.  I know I harp about scent all the time but it can really ruin a product for me.  This one has a super clean scent.  It also lives up to its name by leaving my skin glowing and perfectly hydrated.

What is your favorite Spring beauty tip?

  1. Wow! some of these are ones I’ve never tried Thanks for sharing. I’m definitely going to look into some of these brands some more.

  2. I have been looking to switch my cream since it is very humid now. This list has some good picks. thanks for sharing.

  3. Linda Luke says:

    Thank you for sharing these. I have recently moved to a new climate which will have a lot of muggy days and will likely be on the lookout for lighter moisturizers.

  4. Arena says:

    I want to try the Dr. Roebucks since I have such dry skin. Great post!

  5. My skin has been so dry lately, I need to try some of these!

  6. Jenn Wang says:

    Love this post! Skincare is so so so important, but finding the right products isn’t always easy. Thanks for an honest and detailed review.