The Sunscreen Options I Always Have on Hand

The Best SPFs on the Market

The Best SPFs on the Market

SPF has been in my skincare routine since I was at least 11.  My grandma was a big advocate for it.  I can count on one hand and still have fingers left over how many times I have had a sunburn!  The sun’s harmful rays are the leading cause of premature aging, wrinkles, dehydration, and discoloration!

Such a simple step can set your skin up for it’s healthiest glow and look.  I bring SPF with me everywhere.  I even keep this SuperGoop Mist in my car in case I am stuck in traffic.  It not only protects your skin but gives a refresh to makeup.  One of the oddest things I encounter in my spa career are clients who only have sun damage on the left side of their face from driving!  This mist on SPF will help prevent that.

My Favorite Sunscreen Options

I use the ClarinsMulti-Active Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20 almost every day if I am going to be indoors.  It leaves a light moisture and just enough protection for my office setting.   I like the finish and the scent plus it doesn’t interfere with my makeup.  The finish it great for any skin tones or types.

If I will be outdoors then I grab this Sonya Dakar SPF 30.  I have NEVER received a burn when wearing this SPF and I have used it for years!  Just a note on SPF anything over 30 really is a scam.  The number is an indicator as to how long you can stay outside without getting red.  ALL SPFs should be touched up after two hours, there is no such thing as Waterproof and if the labels say waterproof 100 throw it away it is a lie!  The FDA is finally starting to regulate SPF labels so we can have more transparency and knowledge about the products.  

I keep this Beauty Counter stick in my purse for quick touchups to my arms, neck, and hands.  It goes on smooth and absorbs quickly.  The hands and neck are often forgotten and are the easiest way to tell someone’s age and beauty routine these days!

For travel, I never leave without throwing this SuperGoop SPF Foam in my bag.  It is the easiest product ever to apply even better than the sprays.  It absorbs so super quick and even my husband likes it.  The ingredients are limited and safe for kids.  I also swear by the SuperGoop lip gloss or balms.

If I am going barefaced and not sure what my plans are or if I need a SPF/primer situation I go with this TARTE Tarteguard 30 Vegan Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30.   I LOVE the finish.  It leaves my skin glowing.  I will say if you are darker skin it will leave you looking like you are wearing whiteface.  This is for my uber fair girls unless you are putting makeup on over it and then it doesn’t matter.  I also recommend this for more dry skin types.

A note on how much SPF to use.  I like to use my middle finger and go from the middle knuckle to the tip of my finger.  That will give you the perfect amount for your face, neck, and ears. If you are wearing a low cut top or dress use a whole finger length.  Apply it evenly and let sit for a few minutes before applying makeup.  I usually brush my teeth or hair while I wait.

What is your favorite SPF for every day?



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