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I am so excited to introduce my guest today!  To wrap up the sustainability week I HAD to have my childhood friend Jennie share the how + why she is living a sustainable lifestyle.  She lives blocks from the ocean and spends a ton of time there to work, working out and just enjoying the view.  I am always impressed when we go out how she does simple things like asking up front for no straw or drinking the whole glass of water so no drop is wasted or asking simple questions like how+where the fish was caught.  She and her husband make little lifestyle choices like eating in a lot and when they do eat out they walk into town. I have even watched as she turned down the to-go bag and pulled a rolled up reusable one of her handbag so she didn’t have to deal with the plastic.  Jen makes recycle, reduce, reuse, and shop local look super easy and chic.   Here is a quick look into her everyday routine and how she lives a conscious and sustainable life. 

Living a Sustainable Lifestyle

The Monterey Peninsula/Bay is my home where I was raised. With this being a part of who I am, it has created an inherent need to live a healthy conscience lifestyle that embodies choosing products when every possible that is good for the earth. This is a look into a typical day of me, MontereyBayLifestyle Girl!

Typical Day

1. Morning

My day starts a delicious cup of espresso in bed to jumpstart my morning routine. I just got a Nespresso Essenza Mini by Breville with Milk Frother I love this and feels like I am treating myself every morning which is a good way to wake up in my opinion! The Nespresso capsules are made from aluminum — not plastic — and can be continuously recycled. I recycle the used coffee capsules with the free recycling bag they provide and drop off at UPS.


2. Workout

My daily workouts consist of an hour at Club Pilates & 2.5-mile power walk along the Monterey Bay Rec. Trail and fresh cold-pressed juice at the Central Coast Juicery in Downtown Pacific Grove for hydration and nourishment. I bring my Swell Bottles that I used exclusively for my water intake throughout the day and always try to never buy plastic water bottles. Our local Juicery refuses all their glass containers & if I see any trash along with my jogs, I grab it and take it to the trash or recycle. Luckily there never is too much!

3. Office:

As a Realtor, documents are a part of life. I don’t PRINT unless I absolutely have to. I provide all electronic options for my clients as well to sign through the “cloud”. Our office has a kitchen fully stocked with all essentials so we can use silverware and glassware that we can then rinse and clean for future use. Lots of people bring their food in Stasher Bags, a great way to ditch those ziplock bags and they work great at preserving food.

4. Homelife:

We chose not to have a dishwasher to save on water. It’s just my husband and me so it’s quick and easy to rinse and dry. We air dry our clothing. Farmer’s Market is where we walk from home to get our weekly produce and eggs. We have a local pasture raised chicken so our eggs are farm to table as well.


You can find Jen on Instagram— while not a traditional “influencer” she travels a ton, is living a super easy sustainable lifestyle and knows EVERYTHING about the local real estate market from the jumbo estates to the tiny cottages that dot our peninsula.

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