Travel Facial Night

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Luzern Skin Care






If you follow my Snapchat (HauteBeautyBlog) then you saw my super fun trip to Vancouver a few weeks ago.  We had the best time hiking and exploring the town.  The trip was a short two-hour flight for us but my skin was unhappy when we landed.  It felt super dry and itchy.

Once we checked into our hotel I cleansed and hydrated my skin.  I chose to bring along my new Luzern travel kit because it promotes healthy skin turnover, boosts collagen, and is super hydrating.  So glad I did!  The weather was much cooler than I was used to and my skin dried out instantly.  The Force de Vie Cream Intensive was my life saver!  I was super impressed by how soft and hydrated my skin felt with it.

Here is the protocol I used!

Cleanse: Start with the Pure Cleansing Gelee This was a super gentle cleanser that had a light foam and really got all my makeup off at night.

Mask: System O2 Infuse Brightening I LOVED this mask and will never let it run out.  I used it twice on my trip before dinner parties and my skin was so radiant.  I barely needed any makeup my skin actually glowed.

Serum: I blended the Absolut Collagen and Rehydrate (2 pumps of each) and massaged it in after the mask.  I chose these because the collagen booster helps with radiance and cell turnover and the hydrate is full of hyaluronic acid that helps keep the skin hydrated and soft.  The Rehydrate serum is my FAVORITE product in the entire line.  I felt like the Rehydrate serum is the reason my skin survived all the outdoor exploring we did. I used it every morning, night, and after a mask on my trip.

Moisturize: Force de Vie Creme This moisturizer feels like silk.  The texture is nice and the results were awesome.  I am so glad I packed it; I ended up using it every morning and night.  In the AM I would layer an SPF over it for sun protection.

Overall, I was really happy with the Luzern products and my decision to bring them on my trip.  I already ordered another one of the masks and the Rehydrate serum!

Check them out and the good news is they offer travel/trial sizes!

**Thank you to Luzern for providing products for my review.  All opinions are my own.