Triple Cleansing Like an Esthetician

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Triple Cleansing Like an Esthetician featured by popular California style blogger Haute Beauty Guide

 Nothing is more important in a facial or your daily skin care routine as the cleansing step.  At the spa, we like to do triple cleansing to make sure all the following steps really absorb and give the best results.  Since a facial has to start and end in 50 minutes so you can stay on track for the day layering products is a great way to get the results in the least amount of time.  The key is the order of application and picking products that work for a client’s specific skin.

Triple Cleansing:

Step 1: Cream Cleanser – Cream cleanse is a great way to prep the clean and relax.  Apply with dry hands to a dry face.  If you have a countertop steamer then I recommend using it to cleanse.  At the spa, we use this step to do a mini massage that gets the client to prepare for their treatment.  If you have makeup on I recommend removing this step with a warm cloth.  If you don’t have makeup on just massage the cream into the skin.  You can also do this step with an oil or balm and I recommend removing it with a warm cloth before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Scrub – If you still have the cream cleanser on the scrub will help get a deeper clean and also provide some protection for the more sensitive skin.  I recommend wetting your hands to get a good lather.  We usually don’t at the spa because we have the client under steam.  If you have a countertop steamer then keep it on until the cleanse is fully done through step 3.

Step 3: A foamy Cleanser – With wet hands apply a foamy cleanser right over the last steps.  Work into a full lather and remove with warm clothe or hop in the shower to remove.  You can now do an enzyme mask or any other mask to get top results or finish your routine with serums and good night cream.

Let me know if you give triple cleaning a try!