Turn Back a Bad Week

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Turn Back a Bad Week

Ok so we all know I have been using Jan Marini Product personally and in my Skincare Studio for about 3 years now.  What can I say besides I am hooked and totally in love with the products and their creator.  Jan is so amazing in person… she knows her stuff and is super nice and it turns out we used to live in the same town!  That being said, so not happy about the crazy price increase!  $20 increase for my beloved C-Esta Serum! Yikes.   It looks like I’m not eating out two extra days a month to cover that.
But what this blog entry is really about is my all new favorite treatment… yes the new Age Intervention Regeneration Mask.  After 10 days of crazy travel, a horrible cold, 7 nasty airplanes and 7 even grosser airports, my skin was NOT happy!  What to do? What to do?  I dig through my array of products and come out with this plain looking and not so great smelling mask.  It has Resveratrol, Glycolic Acid and Co-Enzyme Q-10, three of my favorite ingredients right now.  So I knew I would get some help. I did a light, (you could see through it) layer and left on for 20 minutes.  My skin is used to very strong peels so if you are new to glycolic acid start with 10 minutes.  It feels a bit tingly at first and the smell is just not great but the results are huge.  I followed it with Colorescience Be Still Mist, C-Esta Serum, Sonya Dakar Omega 3 oil for acne and Jan Marini TGF Cream.  20 minutes later my skin was softer, smoother and just better rested, like I had just had a great facial and massage.  What shocked me was that the results lasted 3 days; yeah I counted and even asked people how my skin looked!  I even received a compliment at the grocery store (without solicitation) on day 3!   Unfortunately I don’t carry this product in my studio or on my online store right now but you can go directly to their website for more info or to order it.  Check it out all my glow lovers you will not be disappointed.

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