What to Use When Your Skin or Hair is Dry AF

How to beat DRY AF Winter Skin

Winter skin SUCKS!!! Being pregnant during Winter is really rough (pun intended) on my skin!  For the last month, my skin has looked more like a reptile than a human but I found the perfect facial recipe to beat back dry AF Winter skin & hair.


Step 1: Cleaning Balm— These are perfect for dry skin.  The one product can remove makeup, deep clean skin, double as a mask and create a protective barrier on the skin.  I love this one from Elemis.  It smells like a spa and is easy to remove.

Step 2: Hyaluronic Acid—- A MUST during Winter.  HA can bond 1000x more water to the skin than any other product.  It will plump fine lines, keep skin hydrated and help your day or night cream last longer.  My favorite right now it this new one from PCA Skin.  It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a residue.  I only use 1 pump.

Step 3: Face Oil —- You have missing water in the skin covered with step 2 so let’s move onto oil deficiency. A few drops go a long way; if you hate that glowing look then just use this at night.  This one from Elemis has padina pavonica, golden seaweed and roaring water kelp, this revitalizing facial oil hydrates and moisturizes skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines.  It lasts all day or night and leaves a silky softness to the skin.

Step 4:  A good moisturizer—- If you really want to seal in the moisture then you need a good moisturizer.  This one from Jan Marini is a bit pricey but really makes a difference.  If you tend to break out this moisturizer is a must.  It absorbs quickly, lasts all day and helps with skin cell turnover.  A tiny bit goes a long way!  Use code: 093623 for a discount.


This Aveda shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair soft and hydrated.  Totally obsessed!

Once a week I use this Art Naturals hair mask.  It leaves my hair so soft from root to ends.


Sonya Dakar Hoya Nourishing Body Oil is a must-have during Winter.  It leaves a lasting moisture that really keeps skin soft.  Use code: doranpoma for 20% off your order at SD!

Bliss makes a great body cream.  Lately, I have doubled it up with the SD body oil.  The scents compliment each other and really keeps my skin soft all day.


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