Eyes, Neck and Décolleté Treatment with Venofye

March 27, 2018

venofye A luxury facial protocol to soften the appearance of undereye circles, fine lines and premature neck and decollate aging

After ten years in the spa business, there are three areas clients bring up in EVERY consultation.  Hands, neck/Décolleté and under eyes.  All three are difficult to get results and all three can show your age quicker than anything else!  So when Venofye contacted me about trying out some of their products I knew I wanted to focus on their eye, and neck/Décolleté items.

Venofye is a new, innovated, and luxury skincare line that contains venom as a way to provide real results in anti-aging. The brand focuses on science and technology but blends it with more traditional ingredients like green tea and collagen.  This blend of traditional and innovative creates a unique product line that delivers real sculpting results!  Like usual I was skeptical but now am a huge fan and totally hooked.

venofye A luxury facial protocol to soften the appearance of undereye circles, fine lines and premature neck and decollate aging

I requested the QUEEN BEE CLEANSING DUO as an afterthought and I am so happy I did.  The cleanser looks like a traditional cream cleanser but the texture is more like silk.  It is not as heavy as a cleansing oil but softer than a cream.  It melts into the skin to give a deep clean and instant glow.  Randomly, this ended up being my favorite product from the whole set!  The toner is fantastic and left my skin with a soft glow.

Step 1:  Use the cleanser first with dry hands on dry face massaging in thoroughly before rinsing with a warm cloth.  Finish with the toner on a cotton pad to prep for the rest of the treatment.


The ROYAL JELLY BEE EYE REJUVENATION eye mask helps eliminate signs of fatigue using a blend of Bee Venom, essential oils, and vitamins.  These were the easiest eye masks to use ever.  They really stick on and you can practically do cartwheels with them on without budging.  Bee venom is like nature’s botox so the results are incredible.  I noticed my under eye circles lessen and my dehydration lines were gone after one use.  I expected a tingly or burning sensation but instead, these were cooling and comfortable.  I even convinced my husband to try them out and he is obsessed!

Step 2: Apply ROYAL JELLY BEE EYE REJUVENATION  masks to clean skin under eyes.  Allow to sit for 15-20 minutes.


Next up I used the QUEEN BEE NECK & CHEST MASK.  These were a bit tricky to use but the results were incredible.  If you have a larger chest and sleep on your side you might notice a sleep wrinkle down the middle of your chest. The same with the neck— we are constantly looking at our phones these days causing some ugly necklines!  This mask is perfect for helping this problem.  The mask is a jelly mask that contains Lavender Oil, Bee Venom, Aloe extract and Collagen to help plump and hydrate.

Step 3:   On clean skin apply one mask to your neck and one to décolleté.   The great thing about these masks is there is no right or wrong way to apply.  I like to drape one on my chest and the other I kind of wrap around my neck focusing on my problem areas.  Leave on for 15-20 minutes.  I found it easier to just sit or lounge while these are on.

Venofye eye and neck treatment

ROYAL JELLY BEE EYE FIRMING CREAM  I am so picky about eye cream.  It has to be the right thickness, last all day and not roll or curdle.  The Venofye eye cream meets all of these standards!  The texture is so luxurious it is tempting to slather it on my whole body.  Formulated with caffeine, Shea butter, vitamin E and green tea this eye cream energizes the skin under eyes and diminish the look of puffiness and fine lines.  I am very impressed with the results and even more so when combined with the eye masks.  My eye area is smoother, hydrated and no puffiness in sight!

QUEEN BEE NECK LIFT – Neck creams are always tricky for me.  They never last all day and dry kind of sticky.  I have tried dozens and this is the first one I can say has a perfect texture.  The cream itself is silky, absorbs quickly, smells great, and lasts all day or night.  The finish leaves a bit of a glow and instantly plumps up my ugly necklines.  I like to apply it from my chin down to just above my nipples.  This is a product I will buy for the rest of my life.  It is that powerful.

Step 4:  Remove masks and massage serum into the skin with a jade roller.  A little pro tip:  I like to use the rest of the serum from the neck masks on the back of my hands before massaging a thick hand cream on right before bed.  Apply a quarter size amount of neck cream from just below the chin to top of breasts.  Use a pearl size amount of eye cream and dot around the eye area.  Let both set in a minute before applying makeup.



Combine all four steps for a luxury eye and neck treatment at home.  I like to leave the masks on for 20 minutes and soak in the tub while I let them work.  Overall, I am impressed with all of the products.  The masks were so comforting and the results were impressive.  The creams are both winners and will stay in my skincare toolbox for years to come.  The eye cream is pure luxury!  The cleansing set is surprisingly unique and leaves my skin with the prettiest glow.  I look forward to trying out more of their products in the future.


Head over to the Venofye site to learn more about their incredible line of skincare.  You can also follow them on Facebook or Instagram!


Thank you to Venofye for partnering with me on this post.
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