What to Eat… Tuna Stuffed Boiled Eggs

Last night I was starving and had very few ingredients in my fridge to make much.  So I clicked over to my favorite blog and found these beauties.  I paired them with a spinach salad with lemon dressing and had an amazing, yum meal!
I hope that all of you football fans out there enjoy the big day, eat a lot of great paleo food, and spend time with friends and family.
I’m spending the day working hard on my next big project so please send positive thoughts my way!
Here’s a quick snack idea just for fun – and it’s a recipe you’ll find in my next cookbook…..
Tuna Stuffed Eggs
6 hard boiled eggs
2 tablespoons homemade mayo  
1 green onion, diced
2 teaspoons lemon juice
2 teaspoons dijon or yellow mustard
1 5oz can of tuna
Chopped pickles (optional)
Peel the eggs and slice them in half length wise from. Take the yolks out of each half and put them in a small bowl. Add mayo, lemon juice, salt, pepper, chopped green onion,garlic and mustard to the yolks. Mix all the ingredients in the bowl well. Stir in a can of tuna. Spoon this mixture into the hollowed out egg halves and enjoy.

Now, let the cooking begin!!

Thanks to Everyday Paleo and Sarah Fragoso for the emergency meal idea!

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