Why We Love The Bentley Trike and Stroller

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Woman walking at Asilomar with preschooler Bentley Trike and Luxury Stroller, Monterey Car Week 2022 wearing burberry sweater

Why Do We Love The Bentley Trike and Luxury Stroller

Monterey Car Week is wrapping up and it was one for the books! Over 85,000 people came to our little bay just to look, buy and drive high-end cars. It was such a fun week. In a now Car Week tradition Olivia scored herself a new ride! This year it was a Bentley Trike.

The Bentley Trike was created as a way to give children more independence while still being able to keep them safe. This chic trike and luxury stroller has been designed for kids ages 6 months to 6 years old. I love how it grows with each child. A few features are a parent-controlled handlebar, adjustable seat, safety harness and bar, storage, and foot rest or peddle depending on your little one’s abilities. We are obsessed.

Woman walking at Asilomar with preschooler Bentley Trike and Luxury Stroller, Monterey Car Week 2022 woman smiling at toddler

What We Love The Bentley Trike

It’s Easy To Drive.
While Olivia got used to the feel of riding a trike we had the parent control bar on. It was so easy to push and manuever–even on the boardwalk! Once she had the hang of things we removed it with just the push of a button. Olivia was off riding around the beach and neighborhood. She loves it.

It’s Safe For Children.
The trike has been designed to make sure children stay safe at all times. Its unique design means that there is no need for pedals or footrests, so children can ride without any distractions. You can use the parent bars to push which I think every parent knows is helpful on the ride back or uphill! The seatbelt and safety bar keep Olivia secured plus gives me peace of mind. The LOCKING REAR BRAKE makes sure the trike doesn’t move when you may be distracted.

It’s Comfortable For Parents.
The trike has features of a traditional stroller, from a cup holder, storage pouch, and bin plus a reclining seat for on-the-go naps. The handlebar is adjustable and comfortable to grip.

It’s Stylish And Fun.
The trike has been designed with safety in mind. Its three wheels make it easy to balance, and its handlebars allow parents to steer the trike without having to hold onto the child. The trike is lightweight but sturdy. People stopped us all week to ask where we got it. The chic look is fun for me and Olivia! Even my husband likes it. We ended up buying one for a friend whose little one is about to turn one.

Bentley Trike comes in 8 colors. Shop the Bentley Trike now.

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